My Life as a Teenage Robot is an American animated science fantasy television series created by Rob Renzetti for Nickelodeon.
This cartoon aired in Japan too, on Nickelodeon Japan, as "ジェニーはティーン☆ロボット" (romaji: Jenī wa Tīn robotto, lit. Jenny is Teenage Robot). One episode is available in Japanese, the episode "Speak No Evil" on Facebook, and the Japanese intro was also posted on YouTube. Due to Nick Japan's closing (See also: Nickelodeon Japan (Partially lost TV station, 1998-2009)), some shows like SpongeBob SquarePants or The Fairly OddParents were moved to other channels, however, this show wasn't. Also, unlike Invader Zim, Rugrats and All Grown Up!, this show isn't available on Amazon Video.


  • Aki Sasaki - XJ-9/Jenny Wakeman
  • Miho Saiki - Dr. Noreen "Nora" Wakeman
  • Kohei Matsumoto - Bradley "Brad" Carbunkle
  • Kiriko Aoyama - Tucker Cornelius "Tuck" Carbunkle, Tiffany "Tiff" Crust
  • Tomoyoshi Fukazu - Sheldon Oswald Lee
  • Saya Endo - Brittany "Brit" Crust
  • Chie Shimizu - Queen Vexus


  • Link to Japanese dub of "Speak No Evil"

  • Link to Japanese dub of Intro

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