A screenshot from mlpstopmotion's Yola website.

mlpstopmotion is a channel founded by 15-year-old Lizzy featuring My Little Pony stopmotion series, music videos, and toy reviews.

My Little Pony: Friday Night Dinner is a lost stopmotion webseries featuring "a Jewish family whose dinner always turns out a disaster on Friday” based on the Channel 4 series of the same name and plot (minus the My Little Pony characters).


Information on this series is extremely rare, as all the episodes were taken down by Lizzy.

In an update featuring one of her characters, Plumsweet, she mentions the show was cancelled and deleted because there was cursing in it. In the description, she apologizes for this inconvenience.


Episode 1

As quoted from the video description: "The family have burned their food, and have to go to a restraint [sic], where they meet bitchface Celedia [sic], Shining Armor's ex. Will Cadence loose her temper?"

The episode was shown on SoundSpeed's blind commentary on two of her old videos.

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