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The cast of My Melody's Magical Adventure.

Onegai My Melody (also known as Please, My Melody) is a Japanese animated series based on the Sanrio character My Melody. It spanned four seasons over the course of four years. In the mid-2000's, In the mid-2000's, Cartoon Network aired an English dub of the series in the Philippines. A poor-quality clip of the dub could be found on YouTube back when it aired, but it has now been removed. The dub was rumored to be picked up by 4Kids TV in the late 2000s. The dub was also slated to air in the United Kingdom on Cartoon Network in the late 2000's, but this never came to surface. However, Italian distributor Mediaset appears to own the rights to the English dubs of some of these episodes.

Update 4/1/21: Please contact the English voice actors.


  • EDIT: As it turns out, it didn't have the dub in it, it rather had the fansub, I watched the DVD.