NHL Lockout was a cartoon short made by Jerry Craft for the Sports Illustrated for Kids website appropriately made for the 2004-05 NHL lockout. It follows the journey of ice hockey superfan Shawn Nichols as he does everything to save the game of hockey and end the NHL lockout. However, the videos are no longer on the website.

Part 1 (FOUND) [1]- Shawn tells the audience about the time he was at the St. Pete Times Forum (now called Amalie Arena) in Tampa Bay, Florida where he saw Game 7 of the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Calgary Flames. Then, he notices that the zamboni has a "For Sale" sign on it. Shortly after, he realizes that the 2004-05 NHL season is on a lockout. Feeling bummed, he does anything to keep his hockey spirit alive, such as visiting the New Jersey Devils' training facility, make an ice rink in his apartment, and dress himself as a hockey player using cheap hardware appliances.

Part 2 (FOUND) [2]- Shawn recaps part one. Then, he tells the audience how fed up he is with the lockout. He even tells Jerry Craft on SI for Kids radio a fake hockey story just to keep his spirits up. However, he is thrown out of the studio. Afterwards, he goes to the NHL players headquarters and overhears a phone conversation between league commissioner Gary Bettman and Trevor Linden. Linden tells Bettman to end the lockout, which pleases Shawn. He attempts to go in and tries to congratulate him, but he gets knocked out of the door and Bettman thinks that he doesn't get his response and declares the lockout anyways. When Shawn finds out about it on TV, he gets even more upset and asks, "Trevor, what happened? Why did you hang up? Why? Why? Why?"

Part 3 (MISSING)- Shawn recaps part two and tells the viewers how heartbroken he is that there is no hockey for the whole season. Suddenly, an angelic hologram of Jarome Iginla appears and he tells Shawn, "Don't give up, Shawn. The game needs you! Save the game, Shawn!" Shawn immediately accepts his advice and tries to form a hockey league of his own in Central Park. Just then, people start showing up to play and spectators watch them play the game. In the end, Shawn feels happy that he saved the game of hockey and that the lockout is over.

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