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Nabiscoworld's 2nd logo, used from 2002-2005

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Nabiscoworld was an advergame website that existed from 1999-2013 that hosted many games, most of them were made by Skyworks and most were themed on Nabisco products. It was bought by KF Holdings in 2001 and the layout changed soon afterwards.[1] In 2005, yet another site rebranding happened, and in 2007 the site was sold to Kraft Foods.[2] The games on the site were discontinued in 2013 shortly after Kraft was acquired by Mondelēz International, annoucing that they would not offer games on Nabiscoworld anymore.[3] This as a result made a whole slew of the games go missing, miss files, or even not have a loader.

Available Games

Most of the games have been found on the Wayback Machine, and have been documented in a research spreadsheet. Some games, however, are lost. In total, 13 are lost with 15 missing files out of the ~100 known to exist. Of the missing files, 7 are puzzle games missing the puzzle files, 3 are just missing files, one has no loader so the game can't start, one is a soccer game missing the file for female players but the male file is found, and 3 have just the loader and no game files at all. Also, while the Nabiscoworld's version of the game RC Rally H2O is currently unavailable as of 2020, a near-identical version on ESPN Arcade is available.

List of Games

Break the Rules Hoops

Game Title Status Notes
Break the Rules Hoops: Busted Bedroom Found N/A
Break the Rules Hoops: Sabotaged Garage Found N/A
Break the Rules Hoops: Wreck Room Found N/A

Chips Ahoy

Game Title Status Notes
Chips Ahoy! Chipulator Found N/A
Chips Ahoy! Chip Blaster Found N/A
Chips Ahoy Fun Room Designer Partially Found Missing many files
Chips Ahoy Soccer Shootout Partially Found No loader
Chips Ahoy Space Conquest Found N/A
Smack Dab In the Middle Game Found N/A

Mini Golf Games

Game Title Status Notes
Mini Mini Golf Found N/A
Nabisco Championship Mini Golf Found N/A


Game Title Status Notes
Double Delight Oreo Shuffleboard Found N/A
Milk’s Favorite Delivery Game Found N/A
Oreo Adventure: Quest for the Golden Oreo Found N/A
Oreo Fowl Words 2 Found N/A
Oreo Soccer Shootout Found N/A
Race for the Stuf Partially Found Missing some files
Ready.Set.Lick! Lost N/A

Premium Jigsaw Puzzle Palace

Game Title Status Notes
Assembly 1900 Easy Found N/A
Assembly 1900 Medium Found N/A
Assembly 1900 Hard Partially Found missing puzzle file
Fig Newtons 1 Easy Found N/A
Fig Newtons 1 Medium Found N/A
Fig Newtons 1 Hard Found N/A
Oreo 1 Easy Found N/A
Oreo 1 Medium Partially Found missing puzzle file
Oreo 1 Hard Found N/A
Oreo 1915 Easy Found N/A
Oreo 1915 Medium Partially Found missing puzzle file
Oreo 1915 Hard Found N/A
Oreo 1940 Easy Found N/A
Oreo 1940 Medium Partially Found missing puzzle file
Oreo 1940 Hard Partially Found missing puzzle file
Premium 1 Easy Found N/A
Premium 1 Medium Found N/A
Premium 1 Hard Found N/A
Ritz 1970 Easy Found N/A
Ritz 1970 Medium Found N/A
Ritz 1970 Hard Found N/A
Ritz Tin Easy Found N/A
Ritz Tin Medium Found N/A
Ritz Tin Hard Found N/A
Triscuit 1905 Easy Found N/A
Triscuit 1905 Medium Found N/A
Triscuit 1905 Hard Found N/A
Triscuit 1906 Easy Partially Found missing puzzle file
Triscuit 1906 Medium Found N/A
Triscuit 1906 Hard Partially Found missing puzzle file


Game Title Status Notes
Ritz Arithmetiles Found N/A
Ritz Ball Toss Found N/A
Ritz Bits Flip the Frog Found N/A
Ritz Bits Sandwiches Sumo Wrestling Found N/A
Ritz Chips Grand Slam Pinball Found N/A
Ritz Chips CornHole Lost N/A
Ritz Chips Pengapop Found N/A


Game Title Status Notes
SnackWell’s Backgammon Found N/A
SnackWell’s Checkers Found N/A
SnackWell’s Chess Found N/A
SnackWell’s Hearts Found N/A


Game Title Status Notes
Sportz Slugfest Found N/A
Sportz Soccer Partially Found Men file found, women file missing

Teddy Grahams

Game Title Status Notes
Teddy Bear Family Adventure Found N/A
Teddy Cheddy Park Found N/A
The Great Teddy Grahams Hunt Found N/A


Game Title Status Notes
Triscuit 4x4 Found N/A
Triscuit PowerBalls Found N/A


Game Title Status Notes
Ballroom Blitz Lost N/A
Carnival Jackpot Found N/A
Fore Score! Found N/A
Garden Hunt Lost N/A
Letter Rip Found N/A
Marble Shooter Lost N/A
"My Day" Sudoku Lost N/A
Picnic Play Lost N/A
Texas Hold 'Em Found N/A
Twistout Lost N/A


Game Title Status Notes
100 Calorie Packs Da' Numba Found N/A
100 Calorie Packs Writer's Block Found N/A
3D Billiards Found N/A
3D Dune Derby Found N/A
Amazing Eliza Thornberry Masterpiece Maker Lost N/A
Cheese Nips Save the City Partially Found Loader only
Cookie Barz Armored Car Partially Found Loader only
Cookie Collide Lost N/A
Crunch-Time Futbol Partially Found Loader only
E.T. Memory Match Found N/A
Fig Newtons Extreme Power Bike Found N/A
Honey Maid Reading Circle Found N/A
Nabiscoworld Baseball Found N/A
Nabiscoworld Fun Pack Found N/A
Nabiscoworld Holiday House Partially Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Mah-Jongg Found N/A
Nabiscoworld Mini Arcade Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Screen Saver Design Studio: Sixties Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Screen Saver Design Studio: Slide Show Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Screen Saver Design Studio: Lava Lamp Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Screen Saver Design Studio: Kaleidoscope Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Screen Saver Design Studio: Nightmare Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Sea Strike Found N/A
Nabiscoworld Slide Out Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Video Safari Ocean Found N/A
NabiscoWorld Video Safari Savanna Found N/A
Nick or Treat Haunted House Hunt Lost N/A
RC Rally H2O (Nabiscoworld Version) Lost ESPN Arcade version is available
Reversi (Multiplayer) Found N/A
Snack Squares Lost N/A
Solitaire Suite Found N/A
Spades (Multiplayer) Found N/A
Super Snack 500 Found N/A
Team Nabisco Racing Found N/A
The Amazing Acrobats Found N/A
Wheat Thins Topsy Turvy Found N/A
Wild West Shooting Gallery Found N/A