Nandemo!? Taihoman
Taihoman SFC Prototype Box Art
Prototype box art (phone card).
Status Lost

Nandemo!? Taihoman (なんでも!?タイホマン Anything!? Taihoman)[1] is a cancelled 1995 SFC side-scrolling action game that was in development by Namco based on the obscure manga series by Taku Koide of the same name.


In this game, the player would play as the robot cop named Taihoman who has been designed to combat an inept criminal syndicate. He would have the power of 100,000 sumo chmpions, and the intelligence of a 10-year-old. He would fuse with many devices to gain powers, like a fan to fly, a lighter to spew flames, a battery to zap foes and even a pop machine to bombard enemies with cans of cola.


Very little information is known about the title, though it was reviewed in the 69 issue of EGM in April 1995 and a phone card for the box art. No prototypes of the game have resurfaced.[2]



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