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Nickelodeon Pakistan (Or simply just Nick) is a Pakistani Feed of Nickelodeon,

it aired shows like Spongebob, Oggy & The Cockroaches, CatDog, The Fairly OddParents etc.

2016 Suspension (WIKIPEDIA ALERT!)

In the aftermath of the 2016 Uri Attack, PEMRA again focused on Nickelodeon Pakistan as the network had begun to share programming with Nickelodeon India due to cost concerns, both within ARY and Viacom, and felt ARY was shirking off PEMRA's orders in order to economize against their orders; this also included the return of Hindi-blended and all-Hindi content to the Nickelodeon Pakistan schedule since their 2011 return to the air. The regulatory authority ordered a ban of the broadcasting of all Indian-originated media after 19 October, though PEMRA ruled that ARY Group had disregarded the order and continued to air imported programming with Hindi language content from Nickelodeon India during the restricted period. The network's license to broadcast was suspended on October 31, with local providers pulling the network on PEMRA's orders.[3][4] Shortly thereafter, a stay from the Sindh High Court effectively nullified the PEMRA order and allowed Nickelodeon's return to the air, stating the body had no authority for the suspension without a comprehensive explanation. ARY also stated that the ruling PML-N party had used the regulatory power of PEMRA to oppose its networks due to its differing political opinions from the PML-N.[5]

On 27 April 2017, the network carried an episode of Winx Club which featured a scene of what PEMRA alleged was an "indecently dressed" character, violating the body's 2015 Electronic Media Code of Conduct. After a month of appeals, PEMRA issued ARY a fine of ₨500,000 and warned the network against any further violations.

Screenshot From one of the 3 parts of a guy recording parts of an episode of Spongebob in Urdu (even though it's the Hindi dub) on Nickelodeon Pakistan

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