Lost Media Archive

Nick and Brian Take a Hike

Nick and Brain In 2009

Channel overview and Lost videos

nickandbristudios was a youtube channel featuring 2 friends and their many skits. Including a short film known as "Gear ratio" which according to the playlist description of the film the plot was: "Nick has just bought a new bike and it is catching attention from his jealous friend Brian", A series called "Cooking With Nick And Bri" which ran for 6 episodes, and lastly "Mr. Whippersnapper" which ran for 2 episodes. They made other videos... But the first 3 mentioned videos are the only ones that have possibly survived. As they are merely privated. Their videos such as their Food battle spoof, "Beach trip" "You call those speakers?" "The sniper" and "Treason for heritance" have no traces of their current whereabouts.

Nick has his own 2 separate channels "Upla1" and "Abitofnick" Most of the videos on "abitofnick" such as "First videos often suck!!!", "Have you ever? ...I know I have.", "A Dream in A Dream in a Dream" and "RE: Mario, Tree climbing and Trolls!" Were deleted and seeing how less popular Nick and Brian's other channels are. It's likely that these videos and more will remain lost forever.

Other info

None of the videos Nick and Brian made on their main channel are viewable today as all their videos are either private or most likely deleted for unknown reasons.

Chances of seeing these videos viewable are extremely low because Brian (Who runs the channel) said that Nick moved away which that in itself caused the channel to be inactive since 2011, until a day where the videos were made private and then later when the final video uploaded to the channel came out explaining in text form with the Super Mario bros overworld theme playing that Nick moved away and because of that more videos happening was not going to happen. The video ended with "We might return one day" Which has not happened to this day.

Since then, Nick would very rarely upload videos to his channel "Upla1" while Brian would watch youtube videos and give some videos a like and nothing more.

Footage of Nick and Brian that still exists

"Upla1", "R3tardsofjustic3" and "NABSnumber2" were their other channels. None of the videos those channels were removed.

A youtube channel known as "Project 365" had a video which featured Nick and Brian, which still exists to this day. Unless the videos are set to un private or somebody reuploads their videos, It seems like their main videos will never see the light of day ever again.