Lost Media Archive

On September 30th 2009, An unknown user recorded and uploaded a video of a technical difficulty that happened during Nick@Nite which ACTUALLY resulted in the logos changing on the Nick networks. Recently, a user reenacted the accident to show what it looked like. Sadly, the original video will likely never see the light of day again....

Note: This also went for the same fate that The N, Noggin, and Nicktoons Network had. However, a remake version was made from The N changing to TeenNick (with the same person). Multiple remakes are seen but they are using fake versions within animation programs (Such as Vyond and Plotagon). Sadly, no proof does exist the real version of it per the The N, Noggin and Nicktoons Network switchover.

A screenshot of the reenactment of the logo change.

9/14/16 Update: The original uploader has uploaded the original video. Here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08xTZOBcENQ

8/10/19 Update: The video in the link above is a reconstruction. Here is the real version.