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If you know Nickelodeon then you would be a fan of its mix of cartoon/live-action takes on the network. From vanishing cartoons to lost pilots, Nickelodeon has had quite the history of Lost Media. Here's a list of their lost media history:

Show/TV Movie Pilot Status Episode/Series/Movie Status Found on
All That Found Partially Lost/Partially Found YouTube (various reruns from 2008, 2011-2014, series and pilot)
Talking Kitty Cat Lost Episode 13 was removed from Nickelodeon Youtube
KaBlam! Found Majority Found YouTube (pilot and series), Website Release (pilot and series)
SpongeBoy Ahoy!/SpongeBob SquarePants Found Majority Found, only Original Seven Minute Pilot Missing Reruns (series), Veoh (pilot), home media (series)
Ahhh! Real Monsters Lost Pilot lost Various Reruns, home media (series)
Ahhh! Real Monsters The Movie None The film had been scrapped. N/A
Barnyard Lost Missing Pilot Home media, reruns (series), 2000 site (pilot, screenshots)
Nickelodeon Splat! Lost Partially Found Some clips available (YouTube)
Weinerville Lost Partially found YouTube (series), N/A (pilot)
Innie & Outie None Found YouTube
Cry Baby Lane None Found VHS YouTube rip
Double Dare N/A Partially found YouTube/Daily Motion/Various viewing websites
Gibby Lost Had been scrapped N/A
Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie None Cancelled film but has now been revived N/A
The Angry Beavers Both Found All (Except One Segment) Available (One Segment only has audio) YouTube
Ned's Declassified Highschool Survival Guide Lost Obscure N/A
Robot and Monster Partially Lost Cancelled after one season Screenshots
Astrology with Squidward Partially Found Series of Shorts YouTube (some in Russian)
The Henry and June Show Found KaBlam! Special YouTube, website release
Prometheus and Bob Movie None Unfinished N/A
Nickelodeon Japan Many Network of shows, defunct network Various websites
The Backyardigans Partially Found Missing pilots YouTube
Blue's Clues Partially Found Missing Pilot and Missing dub pilot Behind the Clues: 10 Years of Blue, Nick Studios trailer.
Dora the Explorer Partially Found Missing pilots YouTube
Ni Hao Kai Lan Found Found pilot VHS YouTube rip.
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