Nickelodeon Arabia was an Arabian Cartoon/Sitcom Channel for Kids, It was launched in july 2008 and closed in September of 2011.

It ran many cartoons, For Example, Spongebob Squarepants.


The Network was in a frozen loop from 2010, Running the same thing over and over again, But unexpectedly Closed in 2011.

MBC3 Released a block called Nick from then, It was the only way to watch nick arabia, And still is.

It ran Cartoons and Sitcoms dubbed in arabic.


In July 2008, Nick finally launched in Arabia, With (Dubbed) Shows like, Drake and Josh, Spongebob and a lot more. In 2010 however, It went in a frozen loop showing the same thing, Until September 2011, When it Closed, The Closure message was a static and a message telling people to watch nick shows on MBC3's Nick Block, Days later it went to color bars, Before being removed from cable prodviders. It was the last Nick Channel to use the Splat logo.

UPDATE 02-02-19

Nick Arabia is now back on OSN since 2015. This media is found.

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