Niekryty Krytyk ocenia - Pani Dorota was a lost episode of polish satirical internet program called Niekryty Krytyk Ocenia (The


The only remaining fragment of this video.

Note: It's an edited version.

Uncovered Critic Reviews) created by the polish comedian Maciej Frączyk.


The episode was recorded in 2013 and was taken down by the author of the original video which Maciej in a satirical manner reviewed in the material. Some reuploads existed, however they were also taken down probably by the creator itself and the speculated copy of the video is probably on Maciek's hard drive. The only remaining video on YouTube from this material is a small clip from it uploaded by a YouTube user called BlockedOnYT. The video caused some controversy, as one user which goes by username FELICITY929 threathned and offened Maciej due to the fact he made this video, comparing him to "Communist murders" and the devil himself. It is unknown why that happened, FELICITY929 might however be Dorota's sockpuppet account. He also commented under this article a few times, as you can see. Ironically, the episode about Tyara Elżbieta Gas (a polish female catholic priest) was also taken down, but its full version exists, despite its offensive satiric comment.

Fortunately, the video was found but only as a downloadable video from Mediafile (possibly damaged link).

Full video was found and reuploaded on YouTube.

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