Nightmare Ned was a television series that was spun off of the Disney computer game of the same name and ran on ABC from April 19, 1997 to August 9, 1997.  The series ran with a total of 12 half-hour episodes with all but 1 episode (episode 12) running with 2 segments. As of June 6th, 2019, the entire series has been found and all episodes are available on YouTube (in varying degrees of quality.)

The series and its video game were covered by MeltingMan234 on his Forgotten Media series. The YouTube Channel The Secret Screening also covered the series and video-game in a short self-produced documentary titled Disney's Lost Franchise: Nightmare Ned.

A few of the episodes including Robot Ned and The Ants have Greek dubs uploaded to YouTube as well. (All of the episodes linked below are in English.)


1 Ned's Life as a Dog Found
A Doll's House Found
2 Robot Ned Found
Dapper Dan Found
3 Monster Ned Found
The Ants Found
4 Magic Bus Found
'Til Undeath Do Us Part Found
5 Headless Lester Found
My, How You've Grown Found
6 Tooth or Consequences Found
Show Me the Infidel Found
7 Willie Trout Found

P1 P2

House of Games Found
8 Girl Trouble Found
Canadian Bacon Found
9 Abduction Found
Bad Report Card Found
10 Testing...Testing... Found
The Accordion Lesson Found
11 Along for the Ride Found
Steamed Vegetables Found
12 Lucky Abe (One Cent Ned) Found
The Dentist


The Ballad of Vernon & Conrad Found
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