Rare footage of The White Stripes

A leaked snippet from the documentary.


More rare footage of The White Stripes

Another leaked snippet.

In 2004, American garage-rock band The White Stripes were at the height of their success. Their 2003 album Elephant was met with massive critical acclaim, their music was receiving wide radio airplay, and their live shows were selling out. The band decided to do a four-night series of performances in New York City, calling it their 4-Night Stand. The whole event was filmed for a documentary film titled Nobody Knows How To Talk To Children.

Slated for a mid-2004 release, the film was shown by its director without Jack White's permission. To top it all off, the film's audio was poorly mixed, a really bad move for a film whose audio needed to be its biggest focus. White threatened lawsuit if the director did not withdraw the film from release and has thus not been shown to a massive viewing audience.

The film is now considered extraordinarily rare, without even a few clips available online. It is passed around as a bootleg at extremely high prices, but only a small handful of individuals even claim to own a copy. A couple of them refuse to release it on the grounds of the horrible audio quality, while others just seem to like to brag about owning it. It is highly unlikely the film will ever see an official release as White is not overly fond of the sound quality.

UPDATE 1/6/14: The documentary has been found! The download link is https://mega.co.nz/#!KcxlDIbC!ci2RcmlWIy7tSJNdLDss9Y5b-RZ2JSCGjEJWOOwfMz0.

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