Noddy Live! (Not to be confused with the 1994 version) is a 2005/2006 UK live show themed around Make Way for Noddy (The newest Noddy series at the time),

But there is a Portuguese version that was in an unknown year when it released, it is unknown if it even was a separate live show or a dub of the UK version, the only footage that was found was 2 sources of a video talking about it, a live version of the intro, clips of Whizz, and clips from the live show.

What we know so far

Looking at the 2 sources, there seems to be a new character called Whizz from Robot Village, he never appears in the UK version so it seems that this is a separate live show when the 5th video was found, It's believed this version was in 2007.



Noddy Live - Portugal -Festival Panda

One of the sources of the video talking about the live show.


Abram Alas para o Noddy

The intro from the live show.


Noddy Live - Portugal

Another source of the video talking about it.


NODDY - O Concerto Mágico

Footage of the live show with clips from Whizz and the instrumental of the theme song.


Noddy Live Tesouro Escondido 2007

Some clips from the live show.

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