On September 28, 2009, after an episode of LazyTown, Noggin relaunch as Nick Jr., before an episode of Dora the Explorer at 6:00 AM on the Nick Jr. channel. No recordings exist.

​UPDATE: 2/17/18:​ Areesh101 (Areesh Malik) had actually remembered the ”Noggin Relaunching as Nick Jr,” thingy when he was little, so here’s his explanation:

“In 2009... I was little at that time, I remembered watching Noggin and other educational tv channels for little kids, I watched Noggin a lot when I was little! Man, 2009 was my greatest childhood year ever! But, I didn’t heard any news about Noggin being relaunched as Nick Jr., because... well... I was a little kid at that time, and I wasn’t into news at that time. But On Sep. 28, 2009... I was watching a random network on TV (via. An Old Comcast Cable Box), then my parents switched the channel to Noggin, and when the Noggin channel came one... there was a few second ident saying that: “Dora the Explorer is Next”, and after that ident was over... the Noggin relaunching as Nick Jr. Promo came on. And that’s the end of my TRUE story! I have a great memory of my childhood, and I hoped this helps you guys! If you guys want to tell me that you remembered about this, or if you have any more info about this, or if you wanna thank me for this evidence... then comeover to my Wikia (Fandom) account page! My Wikia username is: “Areesh101”, I hope you have a good day!” -Areesh101 (Areesh Malik)

Although the info that Areesh said was true, the evidence of that is still LOST.

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