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Noggin Feetface sign-off 2002

The Real Sign Off But Bad Quality

There is a Feetface-era Noggin sign off that sounds kinda funny. In the sign off, it's basically where Feetface says "Okay, can you help me sing one more time before we go?” and she and the kids sing the first verse "Eating, brushing, reading, flushing, gotta go home now, toodleoo" and the second verse ”Blinking, winking, sinking", after singing the -Ing word sinking, She gets tired, a Noggin logo appears and after that a Noggin logo disappears, Feetface goes to sleep by snoring and the kids were laughing and going "Hey!" as Feetface and the kids singing "Tomorrow we'll do, we'll do something new" as Feetface yawns and she says "Bye-bye!" to the kids and Feetface goes to sleep. After that, she sings the final word NOGGIN for the Noggin.com and The N signs on. As seen on the video on your right, the sign-off is found, but the HD version or a rip of this sign-off is still yet to be found.