Wolf and Hare (named Rabbit in the English dub), the 2 main characters of the series.


The big bad wolf cartoon ancien dessin animé grand méchant loup

The Big Bad Wolf Volume 1, featuring the English dub of episodes 10, 9, and 13, but with edited audio.

Nu, Pogodi! (Ну, погоди!) is a popular Soviet-Russian animated series produced by Soyuzmultfilm. The series is similar to Tom and Jerry, but features a Wolf and a Hare.

An English dub was produced by Filmexport Studios and distributed by Sovexportfilm under the name "You Just Wait!". It is unknown what year most of the episodes were dubbed, but episode 15 is credited to have been dubbed in 1986, and episodes 13, 14, and 16 were dubbed in 1987. Episode 1 was presumably dubbed in the 1970s. Aside from that, not much is known about this dub and it is very obscure and hard to find.



ComicToons - The Big Bad Wolf Volume 2

The Big Bad Wolf Volume 2, featuring the English dub of episodes 3, 6, 5, and 7.

a Few episodes of this dub were released on a 2 volume-series of VHS tapes in the UK by a public domain VHS distributor known as ComicToons (a division of Philip L'oro International Pictures, who also owns Krypton Force) called "The Big Bad Wolf". Volume 1 includes episodes 10, 9, 13, and volume 2 includes episodes 3, 6, 5, and 7. For some reason, Volume 1 edits the audio to remove the characters talking (though the interjections are still intact), the opening credits for each episode have been edited out, and a computer generated intro has also been added at the beginning which features a background of poorly drawn cartoon characters with text reading "The Big Bad Wolf". a Few people have mentioned a version of this VHS which doesn't edit the audio. Volume 2 doesn't edit the audio, but the episodes seem to be digitally transferred from 16mm copies as the picture and sound quality is a little lower quality. The opening credits for episodes 6, 5 and 7 have been edited out, but episode 3's opening credits have been placed at the beginning, which fades from a different computer generated intro which features a smiling wolf (taken from a Noveltoon) and a prototype Bugs Bunny with a gun.


Ну, погоди! (You just wait) выпуск 3 на 16мм кинопленке с браком фонограммы (дубляж)

The defective 16mm print.

VK user Kokovin93 discovered a VHS tape labeled "KACCETA E180". This tape seems to feature various different Soviet films, including episodes 12-16 of the English dub. However, the audio was switched back to the original Russian version, and is notably out of sync.

YouTube user Наше Доброе Кино [16мм] uploaded a video of a defective 16mm print of the English dub of episode 3, which has the audio swapped with the audio of episode 5 but in a different language (presumably Portuguese or Italian), but the opening credits and the Sovexportfilm logo can be seen in full.


Ну, погоди! Выпуск 13 (1980) - Английский дубляж

Episode 13 from the KACCETA E180 VHS. The audio from the Big Bad Wolf Volume 1 VHS has been edited in.

WorldCat Identities has a VHS tape labeled "You just Wait!" in their database, and also list 2 libraries that have the VHS tape.


Kokovin93's post about the KACCETA E180 VHS tape The WorldCat page for the "You just Wait!" VHS

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