Oh My Goddess (Aa! Megami-sama in Japan), was a planned game for the Super Famicon based on the manga and anime of the same name.


The game was advertised as in Famitsū magazine as a racing game similar to super mario kart from the same console. the game could be pre-ordered witch at the same time financed its production.

The game went through time advertised by the magazine. even when the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube were announced. the game was still advertised for the super Famicom.

Until sometime in the mid-2000s it was announced that the game was canceled and the money was returned to the people who had pre-order it.


Despite the fact that the game was announced. photos were never shown which cast double on whether the game was produced or not and it is not known why the developers behind the game kept insisting that the game goes to super Famicom despite the fact that the console had discontinued long ago.

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