he Fairly OddParents! originally aired as a series of 7-minute shorts on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, these shorts are collectively known by the fandom as Season 0, which ran from September 4, 1998 to March 23, 2001. The last short aired a week before the official series premiere. Each short is available on DVD. "The Fairly Odd Parents!" is the pilot of the series showcasing the debut appearances of Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wanda and Vicky. It is also the shortest season in terms of episode time and season time total, with each short being around 7 minutes long. During the first season of the regular series run, these shorts, with the exception of Where's the Wand were repackaged into three "shorts" episodes, though they were never actually included with Season 1. This was, likely, because the first season had so few episodes. In these versions of the shorts, Timmy's lines were redubbed by his current voice actress, Tara Strong. The Tara Strong dub has never been released on home video and online. Tara Strong dubs were only aired and Nickelodeon hasn’t released them to the public. Only one clip of the dub is online.

Update: The Dub Is Found! You Can See It on Youtube

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