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Olivia (also known as Olivia the Pig and Welcome to World of the Pig Olivia) is a British-American-Irish children's computer-animated comedy television series produced by media company Chorion and based on Ian Falconer's books, after its first live-action TV series, The Olivia Squared TV Show.

There was and Italian dub that was aired on Nick Jr. in October 2009 and made reruns on Rai Yoyo at every midnight. This dub was made by Merak Films and left the intro the same.

This dub is never found like every other dubs, however 6 years later, someone has recorded the theme song on Rai YoYo in but it's not a TV rip and was a LQ phone recording.

Lory 07 1 (Who uploads clips from lost Italian airings and dubs) has upload a video of Rai Yoyo rare bumper were it had the Olivia ending credits but it didn't show the Italian credits, It appears at the very beginning of the video here.

The Cast

  • Olivia - Sabrina Bonfitto
  • Ian - Patrizia Mottola
  • Mom - Maria Grazia Errigo
  • Dad - Marco Pagani
  • Julian - Renata Bertalos
  • Dubbing Director/Directress: Caterina Rochira, Graziano Galoforo (s.2), Loredana Nicosia (s.2)
  • Dubbing Studio: Merak Films