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Oscar's Orchestra is a 1995 British-French, adventure, comedy, animated, television series. It was co-created by Tony Collingwood and Jan Younghusband. Co-production was amongst Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment (formerly Tony Collingwood Productions Limited), Cosgrove Hall Films, Europe Images, and Warner Music Vision. It ran for three seasons and composed of 39 episodes.


In the 28th century and the dystopian, futuristic city of New Vienna, emperor-turned-dictator Thaddeus Vent has ordered music and all musical instruments banned in spite for his failure at succeeding in playing any instruments himself. An anthropomorphic, blue, talking piano named Oscar (originally voiced by the late Dudley Moore for the first two seasons, then David Holt in the third) flees and forms an alliance with a few, other, musical instruments and a human girl named Rebecca in response as they plan to have a resistance. They have the goal in mind of returning music to New Vienna.


Aside from a few videos of the intro, only a couple of full episodes, The Battle Begins and Bach To The Future, as well as another episode that's incomplete, are currently on Youtube. There's also video of the intro and another video that is a clip on Dailymotion. Videos of the opening title sequence and a couple of clips from Return of Sheherezade are on Vimeo. Most of the series remains unavailable.