Oswald El Pulpo de Disney - Intro

Oswald El Pulpo de Disney - Intro

A video of Oswald with the word "Disney" in the title, although it is the American English dub.

Oswald is an American Preschool show by HIT Entertainment that aired on Nick Jr. from 2001 to 2003. This show has been dubbed in Hindi, Polish, Hungarian, and many other languages. But there is a Spanish dub of Oswald that can't be found anywhere.

Known Voice Actors

  • Oswald: Carlos Villegas
  • Weenie: Unknown, probably the same actor as the English one (Debi Derryberry) since Weenie doesn't actually talk
  • Henry: Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez
  • Daisy: Luzgeyle Poveda
  • Madame Butterfly: Nancy Cardozo
  • Johnny Snowman: Orlando Arenas
  • Leo: Harold Leal
  • Egbert: Raúl Forero
  • Steve Tree: Bayardo Ardila
  • Pongo: Jorge Solórzano
  • Catrina: Nancy Cardozo
  • Bingo: Alfonso Grau


  • This dub was made by Provideo S.A., which is located in Colombia.
  • Unlike the American English dub, it aired on Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) block due to Nick Jr. in Latin America only airing shows made completely by Nick Jr., and unlike the British and Japanese dubs, it is lost completely.
  • Johnny Snowman's Spanish voice actor was also the narrator in the original (Latin American) Spanish version of Pocoyo.
  • This is the only known Spanish Dub in existence, a separate one for Spain isn't known to exist because Oswald never aired in Spain.
  • Oswald and Henry's actors share the same first name, which is Carlos.
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