Since I don't want any others having their own page, I decided to start combining the others I planned together in one page:

Dead-Ray(Astrowar variant)

Off Racers(Slot Racers variant)

Iron Eagle(Tac-Scan variant)

Saturn 5(Tac-Scan variant)

Fishing Durbi(Fishing Derby variant)

Warm War(Worm War 1 variant)

Mein Weg(Challenge variant)(FOUND)

Xadrez(Video Chess variant)

Preppie(London Blitz variant)

Zorf(Gorf variant)

River Battle(River Raid variant)

Operacao AM-X(River Raid variant)

Canal Attack(River Raid variant)

Reever Raad(River Raid variant)

Bermuda(River Raid variant)(FOUND)

Nhoc Nhoc(Jawbreaker variant)

Little Bear(Frostbite variant)

UFO Attack(Panda Chase variant)

Ardilla(Snail Against Squirrel variant)

Egg Mania(Eggomania variant)

Tarantula(Spider Fighter variant)

Panico Cosmico(Spider Fighter variant)

War Stars(End of the World variant)

Heroe(H.E.R.O. variant)

King of World(H.E.R.O. variant)

Mr.Gobbler(Pac-Man variant)

Crose Forcy(Cross Force variant)

Indianapolis(Indy 500 variant)

Mash 10(M*A*S*H variant)

Goufer(Gopher variant)

Back Strike(Defender variant)

Uzay Savunma Zirhlisi(Defender variant)

Earth Attack(Defender variant)(FOUND)

Fantastic Voyager(Fantastic Voyage variant)

UFO Patrol(X' Mission variant)(FOUND)

Senor Cartero(Mr.Postman variant)

Postman(Mr.Postman variant)

Car Race(Grand Prix variant)

Autorennen(Grand Prix variant)(FOUND)

Mil Milhas(Grand Prix variant)

Gramd Priks(Grand Prix variant)

Gran-Prix(Grand Prix variant)

Base Attack(Grand Prix variant)

Emdurl(Enduro variant)

Car Enduro(Enduro variant)

Aussie Rally(Enduro variant)

Super-Ferrari/Super Ferrari(Enduro variant)(FOUND)

Alta Rotacao(Enduro variant)

Grand Prize(Enduro variant)(FOUND)

Home Run(Frogger variant)

Air Bone Assault(Commando Raid variant)

Plant Patrol(Tac-Scan variant)

Raketen-Angriff(Missile Control variant)(FOUND)

Carrera Didactica(Math Gran Prix variant)

Minhocao(Worm War 1 variant)

Warm War(Worm War 1 variant)

Mr.Gobler(Pac-Man variant)

Packman(Pac-Man variant)

Fuze Savaslari(Missile Command variant)

Comando De Misseis(Missile Command variant)

Boxeo(Boxing variant)

Hey! Stop!(Keystone Kapers variant)(FOUND)

Spectracube Invasion(Immies & Aggies variant)(FOUND)

Fire-Bird(Megamania variant)

Kampf in see Galaxie(Megamania variant)

Space Raid(Megamania variant)

Megamania 2(Megamania variant)

Sking(Skiing variant)

Ski-Dodge'm(Ski Hunt variant)

Winterjagd(Ski Hunt variant)(FOUND)

Ski Jagd(Ski Hunt variant)

Mattit(Basic Math variant)

Math(Basic Math variant)

D. Kong(Donkey Kong variant)

Donk Kong(Donkey Kong variant)

Donkey Kony(Donkey Kong variant)

Gorila Biruta(Donkey Kong variant)

Tokey Kong(Donkey Kong variant)

King Kong(Donkey Kong variant)

Monkey(Donkey Kong variant)

Monkey Kong(Donkey Kong variant)

Quebra - Quebra(Breakout variant)

Jogo Da Forca(Hangman variant)

Learn Spelling(Hangman variant)

Viagem Espacial(Star Voyager variant)(FOUND)

Viagem Estrelar(Star Voyager variant)

Video Pimball(Video Pinball variant)

Fliperama(Video Pinball variant)

Video Flipper(Video Pinball variant)

Pimball(Video Pinball variant)

Pin Ball(Video Pinball variant)

Pinball(Video Pinball variant)(FOUND)

Flippern(Video Pinball variant)

Super Tilt(Video Pinball variant)

Video Pin Ball(Video Pinball variant)

Video-Fliperama(Video Pinball variant)

Z-Tack(Base Attack variant)(FOUND)

Cosmic Town(Base Attack variant)(FOUND)

Helicopter Command(Chopper Command variant)

Water Warfare(Chopper Command variant)

Pyramid War(Chopper Command variant)(FOUND)

Choper Command(Chopper Command variant)

Choper Coman(Chopper Command variant)

C.P. Command(Chopper Command variant)

Comboio(Chopper Command variant)

Autolaw(Outlaw variant)

Fora de Lei(Outlaw variant)

Gangster(Outlaw variant)(FOUND)

Banned(Outlaw variant)

Duelo(Outlaw variant)

Fancy Car(Bank Heist variant)

Robo al Banco(Bank Heist variant)

Assalto ao Banco(Bank Heist variant)

Bankheist(Bank Heist variant)

Benk Heasst(Bank Heist variant)

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