Snoop Dogg is a pretty respected figure in the Hip-Hop community; some even consider him a "household name". He debuted in 1992 with an album called Doggystyle (back when he was Snoop Doggy Dogg), which some fans consider to be his best work. Not many people know that he released one album before Doggystyle. The cassette-only album, known as Over the Counter, appeared at swap meets in 1991. It featured 16 tracks on it with one bonus track. Only 6 of the tracks off of this album have resurfaced on the Internet, and the other 11 are unlikely to resurface due to the tape's extreme rarity.


A1 Over The Counter
A2 Dogg's Life
A3 Jack Em'
A4 213 - Dope Slang
A5 Knockin' Off Everything
A6 Blast For Cash
A7 Let Em' Understand
A8 The Message
B1 211
B2 Signed And Detected
B3 Bank Roll
B4 187
B5 C.O.C. Kingpin
B6 Welcome To Death Row
B7 Do You Remember
B8 True To The Game


Country Blues

Found tracks are in bold.

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