Lost Media Archive

PBS Kids had made shows that come and go and deleted their sites, but they missed a few, but you can still go to the sites that the shows once had. Not all of them are backed up. The original way of doing this was going to r53-vip-soup.pbskids.org. But, PBS Kids missed a few sites that are still up. Not from the Everything page, but from the search page, search for a show, and then it might come up.

Even though some of these websites are no longer available, it can be available to view at Wayback Machine (note that not all websites will work on this site).

The reason that you can't normally access content on r53-vip-soup.pbskids.org is because it requests assets from soup-tc.pbskids.org, soup.pbskids.org, (which are subdomains that always prompt a login) and it often requests swfs from urls that contain "enablecdn". However, the assets that it requests from the soup domains are actually on r53-vip-soup itself.

For example, on the Cyberchase page, it would not work because it requests this: http://r53-vip-soup.pbskids.org/cyberchase/homepage/enablecdn/homepage.swf. However, simply remove "enablecdn" and you will be able to download the assets: http://r53-vip-soup.pbskids.org/cyberchase/homepage/homepage.swf.

Here's another example: The Cartoon Studio page requests this: https://soup-tc.pbskids.org/go/studio/animate/PBS_CartoonStudio.swf. However, simply change 'soup-tc' to 'r53-vip-soup' and you will be able to access the assets: http://r53-vip-soup.pbskids.org/go/studio/animate/PBS_CartoonStudio.swf.

To get rid of the login automatically, you will need to download an extension called "Requestly". Then, download this txt file, then on the Requestly dashboard, click the three dots in the top-right corner, then Upload Log. Then, select the txt file you downloaded and the rules should be imported. Then, everything on r53-vip-soup should be automatically accessible.

Link Status

  • RETIRED - (PBS KIDS show) is no longer available at pbskids.org/Not a link.
  • FOUND - Still available on the live web.
  • FOUND (WAYBACK LINK) - Available in the Wayback Machine.
  • DEAD LINK - Whoops! We can't seem to find that page.
  • SWFs only - Only files for Flash games.
  • Stuck on loading - Failed to load.
  • Need Flash Or Flash Emulator! - Needs an old version of Adobe Flash or an emulator of flash.
  • ENTIRE SITE WORKS - The entire site will work on r53-vip-soup.pbskids.org.
  • *old pbs kids site * page only works - The page only works, clicking on any other links will redirect you to pbskids.org/retired/*old pbs kids show*.


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