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Pablo the Little Red Fox is a British-French pre-school children's animated series which originally ran from March 1999 until 2000 on CBBC and CBeebies. The hero is a little red fox called Pablo and his siblings called Pumpkin and Poppy, their parents, Red Fox and Rose, a dog named Baxter, a hedgehog named Helena, a cat named Finbar, a frog called Fromage, a seagull called Gil and an owl named Madam Owl.

There was an Italian dub called "Pablo Volpe Rossa" (Pablo Red Fox). It was aired Rai 3 and Raisat Ragazzi on an unknown date. the theme song is sung by Angela Citterich (Which she voices a minor character in Tarzan). This dub was a story segment of the Italian show Le Fiabe della Melevisione with Pipsqueak's Planet, Rainbow Fish, Tom and Vicky and more...

This dub was lost all over the years. Only the intro and the first episode "On the Top of the World" (Localized as "La Scalata"). That upload was (possibly) a reupload of a Facebook video here.

The Cast

  • Pablo - David Chevalier
  • Pumpkin - Mirko Mazzanti
  • Poppy - Domitilla D'amico
  • Finbar - Oliviero Dinelli
  • Theme song Singer: Angela Citterich
  • Dubbing Studio: Annalisa Liberi (RaiTre)