The supposed screenshot

Pair Of Kings was a Disney XD Sitcom that started in 2010 and ended in 2013.

The Show Featured Mitchel Musso (Seasons 1-2 only), Doc Shaw, Geno Segers, Kelsey Chow, Ryan Ochoa and Adam Hicks (Season 3 replacing Mitchel Musso).

Unknown Screenshot Information

This screenshot shows Mason crowning Brady and Boomer as Kings of Kinkow in front of the Island's Inhabitants. No one knows where this screenshot was from. The Screenshot could be a publicity photo taken shortly before the series premiered or it possibly could've been an Unaired Pilot for the series. The screenshot can be found on Fanpop. The origin of the screenshot remains unconfirmed to this day.


  • The Kings are wearing dark red suits here whereas in the first episode they weared blue suits.
  • As stated above this episode could have been an early version of the first episode (Unaired Pilot).
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