Parent Tales from Dragon Tales was a special produced in association with the animated PBS Kids series Dragon Tales.

The program was stated to use "messages built into the children's series to inform parental challenges. From bedtime dramatics to tantrums and assorted other small-fry rebellions..." For the special, parents were given video cameras used to record problematic behavior, then counselors analyzed the video footage and provided specific tips to the parents, who all reported significantly improved behavior two months later. The researchers also discovered from their work on the series that children often think in pictures and that visual aids are often helpful.

It follows 5 families exploring new ways to approach everyday challenges. Using the goals that young children learn watching Dragon Tales - like the importance of trying new approaches and appreciating victories, partial or complete - these young parents learn how to deal with common but difficult parenting issues by seeing them through their children's eyes.

It aired on Sunday, October 28, 2001, at 10:00 AM on PBS, and was never aired again.

No known footage or images exist from this special.


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