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Burrito is a Argentinean YouTuber who uploads random videos. One of the sections of the channel was "Parodias de Burrito" which were basically funny fandubs of series such as Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Gravity Falls, etc. These videos were deleted for no reason, but are doubted to have been for violating YouTube's terms of service, suggesting that someone must've flagged them for copyright infringement.

The parodies were (it also includes the traduced names of the parodies):

A Peridot le gusta Soy Luna (Peridot Likes I'm Luna (Soy Luna is a soap opera that airs in Disney Channel Latinamerica)) (Steven Universe)

Dos gemas y un granero (2 Gems and a Farm) (Steven Universe)

Los Sicarios de Nokia (The Hitmans of Nokia) (Steven Universe)

Rigby juega el Minecraft (Rigby Plays Minecraft) (Regular Show)

La Mayonesa contra El Arbolito (Mayo vs. Tree) (Pokémon)

La película porno de Dipper (Dipper's Porn Movie) (Gravity Falls)

Mabel les enseña a coger (Mabel Teaches how to Fuck) (Gravity Falls)

Lapis es rata (Lapis is a Rat) (Steven Universe)

xNight se la chupa a Juan (xNight sucks Juan's Penis) (Unknown)

El Origen de Burrito (Burrito's Origin) (We Bare Bears)

Polar contra El Brayan (Ice Bear vs. The Brayan) (We Bare Bears)

La Menstruación de Ben (Ben's Period) (Ben 10 reboot)

Burrito channel:


  • The video "La Mayonesa contra El Arbolito" was avalaible in the Burrito's Facebook page, but for unknown reasons the page was deleted.
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