In 2002, the Athens channel TVCosmopolis (also known as TVC) got the rights for broadcasting Nickelodeon media, including series with Greek dubbing, idents, shorts, promos etc.
In the first era of 2002-2004, there were classic 90s idents (as it was the first time Nickelodeon officialy aired cartoons in Greek), usual TVC's promos about those cartoon series and commercials about competitions where viewers had to answer a question (ex.: "What's the name of the school, where Ginger Footley goes on?) and send the answer in a address, under the name NICKTOONS, in order to win famous toys.
In the next era, after the fire that almost completely destroyed the station and the channel was renamed to Channel 9 during the end of 2005, started using the latest splat bumpers/commercial about the shows in Greek. That block ended on 2007.


During October 2011, YouTube user dmylonas1993†, uploaded two bumpers, a Blue's Clues trailer and the Ants, Ants, Ants short from TVCosmopolis recordings. It's have to be noticed, that he was the first to upload the "Rips" bumper, before George 62 TV (but with incompleted sound), as it was in the video for the Blue's Clues trailer. Later in December, he uploaded a cutted in the start Nickelodeon promo from Channel 9. He had also uploaded the ident about the start and the end of the Nickelodeon block, along with a general Channel 9 kids' programme ident, during November 2010.
From January 2016, George 62 TV started uploading (possibly all) the bumpers, commercials and the Nickelodeon short "Zoom" (based on the wordless children's picture book by Istvan Banyai) with a lost, alternative ending.

Series Statistics

Here are the statistics about the Greek dubbing of old series that Nickelodeon Greece (the channel, formerly known as LocalTV) doesn't broadcast at that time/anymore:

  • Blue's Clue (Partially Found, 3 episodes on GreekToons, the two of them are from George 62 TV's account on that forum)
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (Partially Found, all 1st Season, 5 episodes from Season 2 and 1 segment from Season 3 on GreekToons)
  • The Angry Beavers (Partially Found, 5 episodes on GreekToons)
  • Rocket Power (Partially Lost, all episodes except S02E16 and S03E22 on GreekToons)
  • All Grown Up! (Found, all episodes on GreekToons)
WARNING! In those linked topics, the names of the uploaders is written. Remember them, if you want to upload the episodes you downloaded, to give credits to them. Otherwise, you give general credits to GreekToons.

Found videos

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