Cover art for the book the pilot is based on.

Penguins Behind Bars was an Adult Swim pilot that aired only once sometime in 2003. It was about a female penguin getting sent to an all-girl prison, and adapted from the graphic novel by Janet Perlman.

Excluding the promos that have been posted online, the full pilot hasn't resurfaced anywhere, though the script has been leaked by YouTuber RebelTaxi, which he mentioned in his video "Top 6 Unfinished Banned Cartoons & Anime".

Janet Perlman, the creator, says that she no longer owns the short, and CN owns it. she says its up to them to release it.

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Cover art for the DVD.

DVD copies of Penguins Behind Bars are being sold on the National Film Board of Canada's website:

It is currently unknown whether or not this DVD is real and in print, and cannot be proven to until a physical copy is actually is seen.


On December 20, 2017, the entire 23 minute pilot of Penguins Behind Bars was located at a Canadian university. It was then put onto the file sharing website Jumpshare, where it can now be freely viewed online.

YouTube Reupload

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