Song by ROCO(ロコ)

Song by ROCO(ロコ)

The opening theme from this dub.

Peppa Pig is a very long running British animated show for preschoolers that airs on Nick Jr. There is a Cartoon Network Japanese dub of the show that was cancelled in 2011 because the sound director for that dub passed away. Like the original U.S. dub from 2005 that was only seen on Tickle U, the Cartoon Network Japanese dub is also lost and currently cannot be found anywhere. However, in 2017, a new dub was made with a new cast.


This dub uses a different theme song then the one that was used in the English dub, which is "Colorful Fanfare" by ROCO, and this is just like how some imported children's shows (usually from Japan), such as Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc., have different opening, as well as closing themes in their Japanese dubs, while most other dubs use the English themes. This theme song has been found by Little Star (リトルスター) a.k.a. Dark Little Star and CaptainAmericaYesRedSkullNo (JaredCaptainAmerica43), and he noticed it before this page was created.[1]

Known Voice Actors

  • Peppa Pig - Rie Kugimiya (of all people)
  • George Pig - Masako Jō
  • Mummy Pig - Yūko Sasaki
  • Daddy Pig - Osamu Sakuta
  • Grandpa Pig - Osamu Sakuta
  • Granny Pig - Yūko Sasaki
  • Suzy Sheep - Tomoe Hanba
  • Narrator/Daddy Dog a.k.a. Captain Dog and others - Tokuyoshi Kawashima
  • Additional Voices - Mariko Horie


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