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Peppa Pig is a British animated series which was premiered in the US and UK on Nick Jr., in Latin America and Brazil on Discovery Kids and in Canada on Treehouse TV.

However, there was a US dub that aired on Cartoon Network's 1st preschool block Tickle-U. 3 episodes were found in total (1 complete, 2 incomplete) https://youtu.be/5Cg6e1kEa7E


The dub was produced in Miami, Florida at Chrom Studios. According to a YouTube Poop called "Peppa Pig Goes on a Trip Into Insanity", created by Paperking99, "Tea Time" was replaced with "Snack Time".



  • Sydney Patrick: Peppa Pig
  • Elaine Torres: Suzy Sheep
  • Chloe Dolandis: Richard Rabbit, Emily Elephant
  • Heather Rolff: Candy Cat
  • Brooks Haydn: Pedro Pony


  • Oscar Cheda: Daddy Pig
  • Heath Kelts: Grandpa Pig
  • Nanique Gheridian: Granny Pig, Madame Gazelle
  • Lissa Grossman: Miss Rabbit

Additional Voices

  • Antonio Amadeo
  • Amy London
  • Brandon Morris
  • Barry Tarallo
  • Christine DiMattei
  • The majority of this cast worked on another English dubbed show, Noah's Ark.


UPDATE: Half of the episode Mummy Pig's Birthday has been found and uploaded to Twitter. Someone has restored it though. Clips of the episode "Daddy Puts Up A Picture" have been found too:

UPDATE 2/17/2021: 2-minutes worth of footage has just been discovered! (Click Here)


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