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Peter Paltridge is an American comic artist and comedian, best known for works such as Free Spirit or Electric Wonderland.

Before he got his start on the Internet with Scrambled Eggs, he made the Lunch Sack.

According to Peter: "By now you're thinking, 'Geez, this kid had an entire corporation going.' Hey, I've always loved to entertain from day 1. Anyway, when I switched from the plastic lunchbox to the paper sack for fourth grade, I saw an opportunity to stage a show on the blank paper. Any blank paper was doomed for ink in my hands anyway. The Lunch Sack became a daily magazine, complete with wacky comics, articles and ads for "Bubble Scum." "Bubble Scum" was bubble gum in extremely gross flavors. Some of the more disgusting ones my chagrined mother took white-out to before I took the bag off to school. "Bird doo!" was one she censored. One kid really wanted to try Bubble Scum. I mean, he really wanted it. "PLEEEASE MAKE BUBBLE SCUM!!!" he once pleaded, grabbing at my leg. I wasn't dumb enough to put gum and things like mud and bugs into a blender, but I guess my advertising was effective. Miraculously, I DO have many editions of the Lunch Sack still hanging around, in a drawer in my room. My third-grade teacher, a Lunch Sack fan and collector, still has the other half, however. I don't know if he treated them right...I hope so. I'd like to see that half again someday."

Half of them are on Peter's website Platypus Comix, however the other half are lost to time