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Peter and the Wolf is an 'album' made by "weird al" Yankovic made in 1988, not much is known about this album. Right now the only track of this album, that is uploaded on youtube is "(Peter and the Wolf) Introduction", every other track is missing, this album is also owned by wendy Carlos

track listing

"(Peter and the Wolf) Introduction": found


"Weird Al" Yankovic - Peter & The Wolf- Introduction (1988)

"Peter and the Wolf": found

"Introduction (Carnival of the Animals - Part Two)": found

Aardvark: found

Hummingbirds: found

Snails: found


Bob the Janitor's Three Appearances in "Weird AL" Yankovic's Peter & the Wolf! 😂

Alligator: found

Amoeba: found

Pigeons: found

Shark: found

Cockroaches: found


"Weird AL" Yankovic & Wendy Carlos- Peter & the Wolf- Track 02- Peter & the Wolf

Iguana: found

Vulture: found

Unicorn: found

Poodle: found

Finale: found


update #1: so it turns out that there's another person who uploaded the first track, and he has the other ones, and he uploaded them, sadly they were taken down

update #2: I just found out that on the Normal Al Wiki you can find the lyrics of the missing songs

update #3: I found some parts of the track by the name of "Peter And The Wolf", these parts are only the parts where bob the janitor appears with his accordion music

update #4: someone uploaded the 2nd track

update #5: the upload of the 2nd track has been taken down, due to copyright, witch shows, that finding this album will be a pain in the ass

update #6: the album has been found

update #7: the old upload of the album has been taken down, but a new upload has been found