Peter and the Wolf is an 'album' made by "weird al" yankovic made in 1988, not much is known about this album. Right now the only track of this album, that is uploaded on youtube is "(Peter and the Wolf) Introduction", every other track is missing, this album is also owned by wendy carlos

track listing

"(Peter and the Wolf) Introduction": found

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Peter & The Wolf- Introduction (1988)

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Peter & The Wolf- Introduction (1988)

"Peter and the Wolf": missing

"Introduction (Carnival of the Animals - Part Two)": missing

Aardvark: missing

Hummingbirds: missing

Snails: missing

Alligator: missing

Amoeba: missing

Pigeons: missing

Shark: missing

Cockroaches: missing

Iguana: missing

Vulture: missing

Unicorn: missing

Poodle: missing

Finale: missing


update #1: so it turns out that theres another person who uploaded the first track, and he has the other ones, and he uploaded them, sadly they were taken down

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