Pib and Pog

Pib and Pog

The Aardman-made Pib & Pog short from 1995.

Pib & Pog is a stop-motion animated short from Aardman released in 1995. It revolves on a parody of extremely simple young children television of the time, in which the short would start out simple and friendly, with a soft-speaking narrator kindly speaking over the two happy looking titular characters, but as time went on, the short would slowly get more and more violent and black in its comedy, with Pib and Pog starting to harm each other in increasingly violent ways. It went on to recieve five mini episodes in 2006 as well as a sucessful advertising campaign for Dairylea Dunkers.

But much like The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the series began with a school-based project, and the one for this series would later be made into it's first proper iteration. As revealed by Dave Alex Riddett in commentary of the short on the Aardman Classics DVD, Peter Peake (the short's writer and director) had originally approached Aardman with the idea of the film, as he had already shot a version of it he made at college. It was basically in the form as you see the current short but supposedly a lot cruder; He would obviously later refine the ideas, characters and animation for this short, as at this point, he actually had a chance to spend more time to do it properly.

The short currently cannot be found anywhere.

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