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Well this is the one that was deleted in May of 2013

This is the one that was deleted in May of 2013.

Pico's School 2 or Pico 2 was an unfinished sequel to the 1999 flash game Pico's School created by Tom Fulp of Newgrounds. (https://www.newgrounds.com/) Tom Fulp made "Pico's School" after he made other Pico related titles such as "Nene's Interactive Suicide",and "Darnell Plays with Fire". After a while, Tom decided to work on a sequel to the first Pico Game. He managed to get some of it completed,but due to other projects like " Alien Hominid"and other Newgrounds classics. he didn't complete the game. causing the game to be cancelled. All there is of the game's existance is a few screenshots from the game.A quite controversial flash submission Fulp uploaded on newgrounds called, "Pico 2 Gameplay Demo" which showed a 4 bit Pico shooting up 3 of the UberKids (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/41034) then on April Fools day of 2013 a supposed version of Pico 2 Called "Pico's School 2".