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Stardust Pictures UK, animation direction Thomas & Friends shortcut

In 2007, it was announced that James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan would be taking over as US/UK narrator for Thomas & Friends replacing both Michael Brandon and Michael Angelis, starting with the "The Great Discovery" special. Although Brosnan narrated the special as planned, when season 12 premiered in 2008, the series was still narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Michael Brandon in the US. The reasons why Brosnan did not continue are not fully clear.

Evidence has been shown that Brosnan has indeed recorded dialogue for the narration. In the behind the scenes featurette on "The Great Discovery" DVD, Brosnan can be heard recording dialogue for the episodes "Thomas Puts the Brakes On" and "Best Friends".

In April 19, 2011, a YouTube video showing 38 second clip of "Gordon Takes a Shortcut" with a 38 second audio clip of Pierce Brosnan's narration of "Gordon Takes a Shortcut" has been surfaced. This audio originated from animation director Dino Athanassiou's website.[1] So far, nothing official has been released of the narrations.


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