Lost Media Archive
  • In 1979, Pink Floyd created one of the most influential rock albums of all time, known as the wall. The wall, unique for a musical album, has a plot, where the main character, Pink, isolates himself from the world. The second to final song on the album, the trial, represents the climax of the album, in which Pink is judged by his conscience for interacting with the world. It’s known for it’s completely animated scene from the wall movie, which was a reused screen projecting from the 1980-81 wall promotional tour. This version, had more scenes, such as a jury, objects turning into people, and a red version of the judge. It was Mostly lost to a remade version for the movie due to the live projections having a different ratio than the movie screen, thus causing them to remake it.
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    The images shown are some found original animation clips from the 1980-81 tour, if you look closely, the backgrounds are different, with the most major being that the wall is detailed and grayish in the tour, compared to the movie, where it is plain white.