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This song never was played live by Pink Floyd or any affiliates, But there are said to be some studio recordings of it.[1] As with Pink Theme, It used to exist, But no longer does. This is one of three lost Pink Floyd songs from 1966 including "Pink Theme" and "Rooftop In a Thunderstorm row Missing the Point"


The existence of this song has been confirmed in an interview with Nick Mason, and a supposed version of it is on youtube here but has since been more-or-less confirmed as fake

1st EDIT I've been told that this song existed on bootleg on the internet, but died with megaupload in 2011, It also was uploaded to Youtube here in october of 2008, but was taken down that same month for copyright reasons.

2nd EDIT Oh WOW! after only a month or so of this article being up, I have been emailed an Mp3 of this song by a user who wishes to remain in anonymity taken from a cassette tape master recording! It can be found here! Feel free to distribute and listen as you wish.

If anyone has recordings of this or any other song I mentioned here, please Email me at It will be a great contribution to the pink floyd fanbase! to learn more about these songs or others that I did not mention, visit

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