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Here is a video with the CBeebies logo, though it uses the Polish dub.

Like Bubble Guppies and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Pinky Dinky Doo also has a UK dub. Not much is known about the UK dub, except that it was aired on CBeebies. Currently, at the moment, there’s only 3 full episodes available online, but then an “In The Dark” episode got taken down, but another user reuploaded that episode.

As of Early 2021, only 3 episodes have been found.

Known Voice Actors

Pinky - Grace Lissenden

Tyler - Shivan Mistry

Mr. Guinea Pig - Wayne Forester

Mummy Pinky Doo - Jennifer Wiltsie

Daddy Pinky Doo - Wayne Forester

Daffinee Toilet - Khloe Fry

Bobby Boom - Bradley Simms

Nicholas Biscuit - Jennifer Wiltsie

The Theme Song, which is dubbed, is sung by Joanna Ruiz.


Hey Guys, I Found these unplayable videos, and an Episode guide {Unverified}:

2/15/2021: A user named RecordableAiring2008 uploaded a 2009 promo featuring the UK dub. Here's the link:

Full Episodes

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