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pinky dinky doo is a american series, an dutch dub is made behind the dubbing of sesamstraat, unlike de electro-bedrijf and like sesamstraat, there were all episodes on dvd, some from moefieklub, many from Paramount Kids. this show was on kindernet, later nick jr netherlands, when i search pinky dinky doo nederlands, there were dvd openings, clips, full episodes. Someone has footage of PDD Dutch Dub called 8 april 2008 on youtube. Pinky Dinky Doo is on broadcast at 05:25 at nickelodeon netherlands between 2007 to 2010


  • 13/06/2021: ViacomCBS Now Handles Many of Dutch Filmworks and Just Entertainment Children's Titles. so Called Paramount Kids, Prevent all kids to scare at The Just4Kids logo, Just is working on a Candy crush video board game.


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