Pinpin le Lapin (Missing English and Japanese subbed versions, 2003)
Status Unproduced

In 2002, Studio Tanuki made a pilot called Pinpin le Lapin, which focused on a superhero team composed of two pink rabbits named Pinpin Lelapin and Rabby Quawaillie, a creature named Jean-Francois and a tanuki named Monsieur Tan, who are tasked to stop Takotank, a robot controlled by a red octopus sent by Debilouman. The pilot was greenlit by MoonScoop for the television series Bunny Maloney.

It was only in French, but there was also two official subbed English and Japanese versions. The animation got removed from Studio Tanuki's website, and the only footage of the pilot available was the French version. French-American people or French-Japanese people also have never fansubbed it.

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