PointlessBlog was a live-action fly on the wall series, focusing on a typical everyday life. It was similar to Australian kids' TV show Hi-5, but aimed at teens and young adults. It ran for 10 years, starting on 26th July 2009 and ended in Spring 2019. The presenters were Alfie Deyes, Zoella Sugg alongside their beloved pugdog Nala. In a nutshell, it was all about a typical daily life of a young adult, doing stuff such as shopping, eating out, visiting friends/family, holding seasonal events et al. The show was so popular, the main host Alfie spawned 4 sell-out books whilst co-host Zoe launched her successful make-up range; both of them released merchandise of stuff such as t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, notepads etc. During their time, Alfie received over 4 million subscribers for his ownership of the official YouTube channel whereas Zoe topped him over with a "diamond play button" plaque. The show also had a spin-off called MoreMarcus which was presented by an extra host Marcus Butler. His side was all about blindfolded food tasting, childhood throwbacks, reactions and not forgetting his obsession with Germany. Both shows ended around Spring 2019, with no repeat or DVD potential.

Since then, both of the mentioned channels have been deleted years ago, meaning it has become lost media. The only episode that is available online is "REUPLOAD: ALFIE DEYES LIVES ON £1 A DAY", which was uploaded by a vlogger after Alfie had deleted the original.

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