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Pokemon Episode 377 - Shaking Island Battle! Barboach vs Whiscash! (Banned Episode) (Preview)

Preview of the unaired episode.

Scheduled to air in Japan on November 4, 2004, was the intended 375th episode (AG101) of the widely popular Pokémon anime series. The episode, titled "Yureru Shima no Tatakai! Dojoach VS Namazun!!", commonly translated as "Battle of the Quaking Island! Barboach VS Whiscash!!" involved Ash and his friends stopping by Jojo Island on their way to the Sootopolis City Gym, and being caught in an earthquake while on the island (caused by Whiscash). They later end up meeting a trainer named Chōta. No more of the plot is currently known.

The episode was "postponed" after the Chūetsu earthquake on October 23, 2004,[1] although it never appeared in rotation, and was eventually declared "discontinued". It has never been aired to this day, and as such, was never translated for overseas broadcast. As a added bonus, the moves Earthquake, Magnitude, and Fissure were not been used or seen in the anime since (Although Bulldoze from Gen 5 debuted in X and Y anime years later).

A preview video, released before the episode was pulled, is the only online, visual evidence of its existence (see video to the right).

This episode is 1 of 4 Pokémon episodes that have never aired, the other 3 being "It's New Year's Eve! Pocket Monsters Encore" and "Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan!" Parts 1 and 2.


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