All PolyGram karaoke LDs were released in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia in the 1990s and they are impossible to find. They can be easily bought from Taobao China.

Eventually, a small number of MVs from one of the LDs were uploaded to various websites by many users.

From 2010 to December 2016, half of the various PolyGram karaoke LDs were uploaded to YouTube by the YouTube user, wangto040889. The remaining MVs from them that were used in other PolyGram karaoke LDs have to be skipped over.

During the time wangto040889's PolyGram karaoke music videos were uploaded onto YouTube, wiki user KennySzeto617 discovered that 寶麗金卡拉OK碟聖1粵語歌曲精選, 寶麗金卡拉OK碟聖2國語歌曲精選 and 寶麗金卡拉OK碟聖4巨星原裝金曲 have most footage from 寶麗金金曲卡拉OK POL33005, 寶麗金金曲卡拉OK POL33007, 寶麗金金曲卡拉OK POL33008, 寶麗金金曲卡拉OK POL33009, and 寶麗金金曲卡拉OK POL33010.

Right now, wangto040889's YouTube account got suspended, but you can find some of the MVs from one of the LDs on the Internet, as well as some karaoke machines.

From 2017 to August 2018, YouTube user CHAN VONG uploaded a lot of MVs from some PolyGram karaoke LDs in karaoke track, including some missing MVs that wangto040889 didn't upload. Then on August 2018, he reuploaded them to YouTube. In his new YouTube channel, he also uploaded some in both karaoke and vocal track.

Please find them and if you did, please post them in the comments section below.

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