Lost Media Archive

The only photo of the updated version.

Polysonic Abandoned City or (SRP: AC RP) is an online adult flash game developed by SoniChris13 and created by Rickparty11 on April 9 2020. It was the first Polysonic game to be released, it was updated in May 3 2020 but was taken down on May 4 2020 due to the game's poor reception by fans due to the ugly character designs and development hell. No footage exist online and it's unknown whether it was actually updated or not.

Update v1.0.96

In May of 2020 SoniChris13 announced that he was making an updated version of the game to make it more decent, the characters were more decent as he said in the discussion. He also made multiple Reddit posts about the update, on May 3 the update would process and make the game more decent. The update later got bad reviews by critics who played the game, because of this SoniChris13 announced that it would be taken down forever due to backlash.

A photo from the update.


Due to backlash by it's players who disliked the game it was taken down by SoniChris13 because he thought it would make people mad and never play it again. Players tried to archive the update and post it on the way back machine but it failed to archive, players even posted 2 screenshots of the updated version onto reddit. It's unknown if the update is playable since Chris never sent out any new update news.


On May 5 2020 a Reddit user named Skycrow101 took screenshots of the updated version and posted it to Reddit, on May 8 3 more screenshots were also posted on Reddit but they are private. Some screenshots of the updated version still exist online despite it being considered lost.