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Post Malone - Magic (Official Music Video) is a lost music video for the unreleased song "Magic" by popular R&B artist Post Malone. It was uploaded during the beginning of Post's career, in 2015, in the now currently deleted old channel of producer FKi 1st, who used to make songs alongside Post Malone back then. With the channel being completely deleted, all of it's videos, including the supposed music video for Magic, are all now fully gone from YouTube, without any traces left behind. User Masocre uploaded the audio of the unreleased song on YouTube, on the 30th of October, 2017. Few users on the comment section mention the existence of a music video, with the most notable detail being a scene where Post Malone is seen on a kitchen. The URL of the music video has been found, but leads to a blank page due to FKi's channel being deleted.

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